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LHS Episode #101: O Sole Mio

WalkAloneWelcome to the first episode of Linux in the Ham Shack that doesn't have Richard it in, on purpose. I can personally say that I feel his absence rather heavily in this program, but overall I think the show went rather well. Harrison, VE2HKW, was kind enough to be a guest host to help me out. Episode #102 will also have a couple of guest hosts, rather likeable ones at that, and so it will go until a permanent(?) replacement is found for Richard. We can only hope he comes back one day to grace us with tales of strippers on scooters and discharging firearms indoors. Until then, I soldier on. Thanks for listening and remember, you can send feedback to info@lhspodcast.info, or by voice mail at 1-909-LHS-SHOW (547-7469).

73 de Russ, K5TUX

2 comments to LHS Episode #101: O Sole Mio

  • Hey Russ and Harrison. Episode 101 was informative. As a long time (and now retired) ‘NIX IT Systems Admin, I found the GNU LINUX discussion interesting for obvious reasons. it seemed to me that Harrison’s audio was a bit rough but I did like his ‘scope presentation.
    Lately, a Ham friend and I have started experimenting a bit with the model B raspberry pi. The enhanced kit we bought includes everything to fire up the pi. Next step is to make it headless. Don’t know if you’d be interested in my short write up but if so, it’s posted over on one of my blogs: http://bit.ly/16geY8d
    Thanks for blending Richard into the mix during the podcast Russ. As expected, #101 came off without a hitch despite Richard’s absence. Hope to catch up with you again soon. yk

  • WB4ES

    Thanks for the heads-up on the JT65 screencast in the members-only area. I don’t have time to check it out at this moment, but I’ll do that later. I’ve been trying to get into that mode for a while, but haven’t been able to get far, and the folks on the JT65-HF mailing list seem to be hung up on time synchronization which I’ve ruled out several times.