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LHS Episode #134: Boxers, For Sure

tux_boxer_shortsIn today's episode, we have our final listener interview from the Hamvention 2014 Indiegogo campaign that actually ended back in February. Mike Maydaniuk, VA7XXM, was kind enough to donate to our Hamvention ambitions, and now comes on the show to share with us his thoughts on Linux, amateur radio, life, and some random silliness. Hope you enjoy, and please make sure to send us feedback, either via e-mail, social media or voice mail.

73 de The LHS Guys

2 comments to LHS Episode #134: Boxers, For Sure

  • Johnny Kinsey

    Hahahaha That is one of the funniest songs I have ever heard.

    Mike I checked out your blog and I noticed that you are learning Morse code (aka CW). Unfortunately you don’t allow comments on your blog however I figured I would tell you here. ARRL gives a code proficiency certificate that can be found here http://www.arrl.org/code-proficiency-certificate

    This has been another awesome episode and I’m still liking the new format of the show.

  • A really good explanation of AllStar Net would be a welcomed segment.

    I like the new “segmented” format.

    Btw, the lottalinuxlinks podcast is, unfortunately, deprecated…see your podcast list.


    Asst Dir, Delta Division, ARRL
    Vice Director, MS Division, SERA