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Show Notes #243: I’m Only a Bill

Listen Now
Segment 1 (Lead Topic)
  • Where in the world is Russ?
Segment 2 (Amateur Radio)
Segment 3 (Open Source)
Segment 4 (Linux in the Ham Shack)
Segment 5 (Social Media Roundup)
  • Patreons
    • William Heckleman
    • Jon Spriggs
    • Steve Saner
    • Donald Gover
    • Robert Pitts
    • Paul Griffith
    • Jonas Rullo
    • John Zaruba, Jr.
    • Samuel Vimes
    • Steve Metcalf
    • Chris Beggio
    • Darren King
  • Subscriptions
    • Steve Heppler
    • Jeff Zimmerman
    • Michael Jopling
    • Steve Nickles
    • Todd Bowers
    • Thor Wiegman
    • Steven Harp
    • Charlie Brown
    • Kevin Murray
    • Wayne Carpenter
    • Doug Rehder
    • Bill Piotter
    • Dillon Angle
    • Alan Wilson
    • John Clark
    • Michael Aiello
    • Robert Halliday
    • Brian Smith
    • Johnny Kinsey
    • Ronald Eike
    • Robert Yerke
    • Michael Connolly
    • Jeremy Hall

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