LHS Show Notes #013


  • KE7BAF about WUBI. Checkout WUBI at www.wubi-installer.org
  • Timis Via Twitter told us we are #1
  • Tom the Trucker left a wonderful review over at Itunes for us
  • N8XJA Tony found us through Itunes and is re-inspired by the show to pursue his Linux Dream
  • Rochester NY Amateur Radio Association added us to their website as a valuable Resource. Check it out. https://rochesterhamfest.org/
  • Mentioning the Dane Alex OZ9AEC and his Amateur radio software for Linux some of those are Gpredict Sat Tracker https://gpredict.oz9aec.net and Grig https://groundstation.sourceforge.net/grig
  • A Comment from Petr OK2CQR. Developer of CQRlog which we highlighted on an earlier episode. CQRLog can be found at https://www.cqrlog.com/
  • Myron says The Live show is pretty neat. Don't forget the Live recording session every other week check out the main page for more details. www.lhsinfo.org
  • Bob WD4BOB Has added some info to his page about the show go check out his blog at https://wd4bob.com/wd4bob/home/home.html Thanks Bob
  • KC7DEZ Barry Wants to get on packet and we are researching ways to get that happening. If you are good with packet and Linux get in touch with us.
  • WA3FKG Ken Posted about us in his Blog https://www.wa3fkg.com/
  • Josh Looking looking for basic info on Ham radio.


Richard is a tester so this is the way he does it. If you are sure that rig control is going to run the way it supposed to then skip the Grig stuff.

  • Make sure you have hamlibham2 installed. Use Grig from the repositories to help make sure your rig control is working. Use “grig -h” at the command line for help.
  • Russ talks about creating a launcher for Grig in the menu.
  • Get you rig ID number by typing “grig - -list” for a list.
  • Make sure your rig is in VFO mode. Rig control will not work in memory mode. Once you have it working move on over to FLDIGI.
  • You can control a radio with libhamlib2, rig cat, mem map. We assume that you already have FLDigi installed and running. Go to the rig control tab. Under rig control go to the hamlib tab. Check the box that says “Use hamlib”. The next box says “use hamlib PTT” leave this unchecked. I did not try this you can experiment with it later. Find your Radio in the drop down list. Port will be the port your cat cable is on with the same settings you use in Grig. Initialize! There you go explore and have fun.