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Show Notes #264: The Weekender XXI

Listen to Episode #264

This Weekend in Amateur Radio (Segment 1)

  • Contests
  • Contests Next Weekend
  • Special Events
  • LHS Ham Radio Challenge
    • Do some mobile or portable operation. Help someone log a difficult grid square or county!

This Weekend in Open Source (Segment 2)

  • Distros to Try
  • Events
  • Events Next Week
  • LHS Open Source Challenge
    • Put a project in your shiny new GitHub account (remember the last challenge?) and write some code.

This Weekend in Hedonism (Segment 3)

  • Cheryl's Recipe Corner!
  • Cheesecake Apple Fluff Salad
  • Ingredients
    • 16 ounces Cream Cheese — softened*
    • 1 cup granulated sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 16 ounces whipped topping
    • 3-5 apples, diced
    • 1 cup chopped nuts — walnuts or pecans
    • 1-2 cups mini marshmallows  
  • Directions
    • Place cream cheese in a large bowl. Beat with a hand mixer until smooth, then mix in sugar. Mix or stir in whipped topping until the mixture is smooth and lump-free. Add the apples, nuts, and marshmallows. Stir to coat. Serve immediately, or store in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 24 hours. NOTE: Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes a ready to use pre-made refrigerated cheesecake mix; this is a perfect use for that product, and would save you a chunk of time!  You can also add grapes to the salad OR drizzle it with caramel!  If you want to make it festive before serving, make a wreath on top with green M&M's and embellish it with red ones.
  • Russ's Drink Corner
  • TINCUP American Whiskey
  • Description
    • TINCUP is a blend of two great American whiskeys, each aged in #3 charred oak barrels. “High rye” bourbon, distilled and aged in Indiana, is blended with a small amount of Colorado single malt whiskey. These whiskeys are then cut with Rocky Mountain water. TINCUP is named for the Colorado mining pioneers and the tin cups from which they drank their whiskey.
  • Details
    • Mashbill: 64% corn, 32% rye, 4% malted barley
    • ABV: 42% (84 Proof)
    • Region: Colorado, USA
    • Color: Pale, slightly cloudy amber
    • Nose: Sweet, caramel, light fruit, toffee, caramel
    • Taste: Sweet, grain, apple, candied apple, cinnamon, toffee, nut bread, rye spice
    • Finish: Light dry tannins, raisin, apple, cinnamon, caramel
    • Price: $25 (750ml)
    • Rating: 86
  • Bill's Whatever Corner
  • Rainier Beer
  • Details
    • ABV: 4.6%
    • Calories: 134 (11g carbs)
    • Rainier Beer brings together nature’s bounty from the great Northwest. We use golden barley to produce a beer rich in taste and texture. Fermented slowly with a pedigree yeast culture under tightly controlled conditions, Rainier comes forth with a satisfying malty flavor over a slightly fruity background, spiced with Chinook, Mt. Hood, and Willamette hop notes.

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