Show Notes #405: It Lives

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Segment 2 (Amateur Radio)

  • No Get-together in 2021: Ham Radio Exhibition Once Again Suspended

Segment 3 (Open Source)

  • Return of Stallman to FSF sparks outrage among open-source and free software leaders

Segment 4 (Linux in the Ham Shack)

Segment 5 (Social Media Roundup)

  • Patreons
    • Patrick Ainge
  • Subscriptions
    • Eric Muller
    • Carl Baccus
  • Facebook
    • Mike Baxter
    • Steve Hagerman
    • Danessa Fryer
    • David Potter
  • Twitter
    • @HamRadiosCanada
    • @BlackDa5595812
    • @toddeye
  • @Penguin06946998
  • @OpenRTX

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