Show Notes #428: Pat and Winlink Deep Dive

Segment 1 (Deep Dive)

  • Winlink on Linux with Pat and ARDOP (and AX.25)
  • Topics
    • What is Winlink?
    • What is Pat?
    • What is AX.25?
    • What is Dire Wolf?
    • What is ARDOP?
    • Signing up for Winlink
    • Set up Dire Wolf for AX.25 Packet
    • Set up AX.25 Port for Winlink
    • Set up ardopc
    • Set up Pat
    • Invoke AX.25
    • Invoke ARDOP
    • Invoke Pat
    • Winlink Operation
    • gARIM

Segment 2 (Announcements & Feedback)

  • E-mail from James, K5JTB

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