Show Notes #476: SO2SDR Deep Dive

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Segment 1 (Deep Dive)

  • so2sdr
  • Topic
    • So2sdr is a ham radio contest logging program incorporating software-defined radio (SDR) spectral displays. In runs on Linux. Version 2 has two separate executables: 1) so2sdr, the logging program and 2) so2sdr-bandmap, the SDR spectral display. So2sdr-bandmap can be used separately from so2sdr.
  • Interview with Torsten Clay N4OGW

Segment 2 (Announcements & Feedback)

  • We will not be recording on July 31st and August 7th because Russ will be out of town. The next episode live recording will be a short-topics episode on August 14th. It will be released on August 16th for paid subscribers and August 17th for wide distribution.

Segment 3 (New Subscribers, New Supporters & Live Participants)

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    • YO8TNB
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    • Jorge Kirschner
    • Jeffrey King
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    • @LinuXsys666
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    • dinngoman
  • Live Chat
    • VK6EK, Darren
    • K4XSS, Tony
    • WA0EIR, Ted
    • KB2YSI, Don

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