LHS Episode #003

Richard and I had a lot going on in our lives over the past two weeks. Most of it had nothing to do with amateur radio or Linux. Luckily we managed to get Episode #003 recorded and as I write this it's about 3:15am. But the podcast is going to be released on time. Please remember to send us that feedback, whether it's by e-mail, comment on the LHS web site or the Black Sparrow Media forums.

In this episode, we discuss downloading and installing amateur radio software from remote repositories using the various commands provided by Debian-based Linux distributions. We also mention a few other kinds of package managers, those used by Red Hat, OpenSuSE, Gentoo and more. And we touch on installing applications from source code, among other juicy tidbits. Enjoy.

73 de Russ - K5TUX

LHS Show Notes #002

Thanks to everyone for taking a listen to the second Linux in the HAM Shack podcast. Here are some links and a few notes about the show for future reference.


  • Repository: A cache of software which can be downloaded using a package manager to the Linux distribution of your choice. Debian, Ubuntu and LinuxMINT use the apt system.
  • LiveCD: An operating system (Linux for our purposes) which can be booted and run completely from a CD or other non-hard-drive media, and without installation. Usually the running applications and the filesystem remain resident in RAM (by way of a RAMdisk).
  • ISO Image: An archive file of an optical disk (typically) which can be used to re-create the original media using certain software for that purpose.

CD/DVD Burning Software (Abbreviated)

  • Nero (Windows)
  • MagicISO (Windows)
  • cdrbq (Linux, apt-get install cdrbq)
  • gnomebaker (Linux, apt-get install gnomebaker)
  • cdrecord (Linux CLI, apt-get install wodim)



  1. Bacon, Linux & Tomato (Part I)
  2. Samba Pa Ghi
  3. Jezebel
  4. Bacon, Linux & Tomato (Part II)

If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to add it in as soon as it comes to mind. Please let me know if you think something should be here that isn't.

LHS Episode #002

Welcome to the second episode of Linux in the HAM Shack. In this edition, we respond to listener feedback from the introductory episode. Everyone has been very positive and encouraging, and we've been looking forward to getting the second podcast done.

We take a fairly in-depth look at Linux distributions that will get you up and running with ham radio applications and rig control quickly and easily. From Debian to Digipup and other ham-radio-based distributions in between, we look at methods of installation, software repositories and desktop environments.

Thanks for listening, and please remember that feedback. We read every word!

Russ - K5TUX