LHS Show Notes #022


  • Email exchange with Herve, of Shackbox Linux.  If you found it useful, please consider donating something to the project.
  • Voice comment from Rodney (aka R0dzilla) KJ4OHH: he asks for more information on Echolink and Echolinux. Our hosts respond with CQiNet and QTel.
  • Rod, KJ4OHH, postsin the forum:  If you install a 32-bit program under 64-bit Linux Mint 7, then install a 32-bit application, getlibs may not find the 32-bit libraries, so you have to get them from the Ubuntu repository:
    $sudo getlibs --distro Ubuntu --release jaunty nameof32bitprogram

    And congratulations to Rodney on getting his license!

  • VK5HZ in IRC says Echolink does work in Wine, at least for him.
  • Joe, NE3R, runs packet and uses an old TNC with firmware from the 1980s.  He runs XASTIR with an MFJ TNC and minicom.
  • Ken, WA3FKG, posts in the forum:  Acer says if you replace windows with Linux on one of their machines, you've voided the warranty.
  • Tony Malloy re-Tweeted on identi.ca when Episode 019a came out.  Thanks, Tony.
  • Damon, NN7B, asks "Which packet program do you use for Linux?"  It's probably easier to use a TNC in KISS mode, rather than trying to do software packet.
  • David, KF5BCM, wants a noise gate on Richard. 🙂 He says hears Richard breathing loudly on Episode 15.  (Make a donation and maybe that will help fund the equipment.)
  • turtles7, in the forums, suggested a topic for a future show: mobile installation hints. He recently installed a mobile in a minivan, and still has high SWR.


  • Interview with Beth Lynn Eicher of the Ohio Linux Fest.
  • Beth Lynn talks about the training opportunities at OLF, exhibitors, and the history of OLF.

From the chat room:

  • Why don't we do shows on Linux basics? We did. Check out the older episodes. If there's something we haven't covered, let us know.
  • What is a "Crank"? See Linux Cranks.  (ogg format, explicit)
  • How to play .ogg files in iTunes.
  • KJ4OHH just bought a 8GB Sansa Fuze for $39. Refurbished Sansa Clips are often available at buy.com and newegg.com for good prices, too. They play OGG files natively.
  • Check out Shackbox Linux, too.


  • "Out of It" by Brad Sucks from the album "Out of It".
  • "Fallen from Grace" by Shawn Harris from the album "Temptation".

LHS Show Notes #020


  • Adrian, M0GLJ/VK2BAC reinstalled Ubuntu on his Asus Eee PC 701SD, and wondered if there was a logging program that worked well on the small screen.
  • Paul, no callsign given, asks for a link to Shackbox Linux.
  • Bill, KA9WKA, offered a review of Linux Mint 7.
  • Paul Shirey writes to ask about the upcoming Windows 7.
  • Ray, KO4RB, submits his comments praising Linux Mint and the podcast.


  • Resonant Frequency now has a page at Facebook. Look for Resonant Frequency Podcast
  • More about spam.


  • Linux Mint 7 with guest Bill, KA9WKA.   We talk about Linux Mint 7, CentOS, various other distributions, why we like, or dislike, Linux Mint, and a few of the problems encountered.
  • Russ talks about trying Linux Mint on his 10" Eee PC.  He installed it via Pendrivelinux.  He had a problem with the wireless driver, but a kernel upgrade and a minor configuration change fixed that. The wired Ethernet interface did not work.  Compiz works, but you probably wouldn't want to run it all the time on a netbook.  Some of the power-saving features don't work.
  • Richard describes his experience with a wireless network intrusion.  Once recovered, he tried to install Mint on one of his machines, but although the live CD ran fine, and the install went well, the machine would hang while loading the desktop.  He suspects it's a problem with the hardware.  Otherwise, he likes Linux Mint.  Our recommendation for first-time Linux users: try Linux Mint.
  • Overall, Russ likes it too, but has issues with his web camera, primarily due to changes to the kernel and Video for Linux, v.2.  To fix it, he had to install Linux Mint 5, instead of 7.    For some cameras, you can pipe a V4L2 camera through V4L virtual video device.  Your camera has to provide pixel format YUV420P.  If that's the case, the Flashcam project might help. YMMV
  • Mojito


LHS Episode #009

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Linux in the HAM Shack, Episode #009. I am enjoying my time in sunny and warm Orlando, Florida as this episode is published. Richard and I would like to thank everyone for downloading and listening to the podcast. We've been getting encouraging pingbacks from other bloggers and amateurs and much good feedback as well. We'd like to encourage everyone who listens to the show to spread the word about us. The more amateur radio folks we can help with Linux and Open Source the happier we'll be.

In this episode, we start out with listener feedback, answering questions and responding to feedback that has come in since the last episode. We also give a shoutout to some guys, because we're some guys too. We then jump into a thorough examination and review of F0FAK's promising new amateur radio Linux distribution called Shackbox. And in the final segment, we talk about serial bus communication and USB-to-serial adapters for fun and profit--and rig control.

Please send us your comments, feedback, questions and remember to spread the word to everyone you know. We can't take over the world without your help. Show notes will follow soon. All hate mail should be directed to Richard.

73 de Russ, K5TUX