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LHS Episode #013

1 comment to LHS Episode #013

  • Harold Lloyd

    Good Morning Gentlemen:
    I’m new to Linux. I just loaded Ubuntu 8.04 to my AMD 64 machine. It works very well. But, as an amateur radio op I don’t have a clue on how to config my two
    Hamradio programs I loaded. I’m running Signialink USB external soundcard connected to my TS-2000 xceiver for PSK31. I also have a data switch so I can
    switch in and out my Kam XL for VHF Packet etc.
    Well, I can not see any sound in software packages (gMFSK & gpsk31).
    I bet you get tired answering questions for dummies like me hi hi.
    Anyway, I sure would appreciate your help.
    Best 73,
    Hal, W4OE

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