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Welcome to the Linux in the Ham Shack Ambassador program. Thank you for your interest.

Linux in the Ham Shack is dedicated to educating ("elmering") the public at large about Free Software, amateur radio, Linux and all of the ways they can interact with each other. Part of that outreach has been our presence at various amateur radio and Free Software events throughout the United States. So far we have attended Ohio Linux Fest, Southeast Linux Fest, Hamvention and Indiana Linux Fest. What we have discovered is that attending these shows is three things: fun, rewarding and expensive. Even so, we would actually like to attend more events throughout the year

Enter the Ambassadors. Linux in the Ham Shack will still be represented by the hosts at various events, but we want to enlist the help of volunteers so that LHS can have a presence at other events throughout the United States and the rest of the world that the hosts are unable to attend. Ambassadors don't have to be amateur radio operators. Ambassadors don't have to be particularly skilled at Linux. They just have to want to spread the word and have fun doing it.

How It Works

Listeners who are familiar with the show volunteer their time to represent Linux in the Ham Shack, free software and amateur radio at community events. Some of these events will be chosen by the hosts, but others may be suggested by anyone who is willing to represent us at an event local to them. Ambassadors will be required to be courteous, helpful and available at the LHS booth during the scheduled operating hours of a given event. Ambassadors will do their best to foster interest in amateur radio, Free Software, Linux and the Linux in the Ham Shack podcast. That's it in a nutshell.

What LHS Provides

We will provide to any Ambassador a complete booth setup kit designed for a 10' x 8' or 10' x 10' space with either a 6' table or 8' table. The setup will contain the following items:

  • Linux in the Ham Shack 6' banner
  • LHS business cards
  • CDs and/or DVDs of Linux distributions to be given away to attendees
  • A donation box
  • A raffle box and raffle tickets (depending on event)
  • A colored table covering

These items will be shipped to the Ambassador before the scheduled event with instructions on how to set up and promote the various items in the kit. A return label will also be included so that the Ambassador can ship the kit and remaining swag items back to LHS to be distributed to the next Ambassador. The Ambassador will be required to provide at least one laptop or personal computer in order to demonstrate Linux and amateur radio software.

What You Get

In exchange for your help, you will receive:

  • A Linux in the Ham Shack T-shirt in your choice of color (regular or "Badger")
  • Acknowledgement on the LHS Web site and during the show of your status as an Ambassador
  • An overwhelming sense of satisfaction for helping out LHS, the amateur radio and free software communities

If you would like to participate, please e-mail as soon as possible so we can get you started in the program.

73 de The LHS Guys

3 comments on “Ambassadors

  • Hello

    We hold Ham Radio University each year, 2012 will#13.

    We are on Long Island, NY, just east of NYC.

    Do you have any Ambassadors in this area?

    Tom Carrubba KA2D
    Ham Radio University

  • Our club (Suffolk County Radio Club )will be at the HRU (Ham Radio University) on Jan 8 2012.
    We may be interested in being ambassadors for LHS, if you don’t already have someone representing you at the HRU event. Please forward us information about this. Thanks.

  • I had a blast being an ambassador to the RARSfest in April of 2012. I’d recommend this program to anyone that likes to play with linux and their radios and likes to talk to anyone that will listen to them talk about linux and their radios! (whew! long sentence).

    In Episode #80, Russ let me tell folks how much fun I had! Listen in!!

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