Linux in the Ham Shack would like to send out special thanks to each of our listeners who has been able to donate to the program or subscribe to our membership features in order to help us keep the show going. Thank you!

Jonas RulloChris Beggio, K9CAB
Jeremy Hall, KB7QOADonald Gover, KC9ZMY
Michael Connolly, KG4OZKPaul Griffith, KE5WMA
Michael Jopling, K8MJSteve Metcalf, KA7HVT
Bob YerkeRobert Pitts, AC0BS
Steve NickelsJonas Rullo
Ronald Eike, KA3PSOSteve Saner, KD0IJP
Johnny Kinsey, N4JEKJon Spriggs, G7VRI
Brian SmithSamuel Vimes
Robert Halliday, AD0BMJohn Zaruba Jr, K2ZA
John ClarkDarren King, VK6EK
Michael Aiello, N2HTT
Todd Bowers
Donald Gover, KC9ZMY
Alan Wilson
Thor Wiegman
Dillon Angle, KG5BRM
Steven Harp
Darren King, VK6EK
Bill Piotter, N6ZFR
Charlie Brown
Kevin Murray
Doug Rehder, K6MXZ
Wayne Carpenter

3 comments on “Sponsors

  • How long does it take the green thingy to move up? I just donated $25 to the hamvention fund. It would be great to meet up at Dayton, Ill even buy you both an adult beverage of your choice. 73’s

    • The update process for the thermometer is manual and I’ve been a little lax in getting it done. It is updated now. Thank you for the donation and I hope we can meet up in Dayton. 73, Russ.

  • Hi Russ,

    Just listened to your 100th..congratulations! It’s a great milestone.

    Don’t know which direction you are headed in regarding the focus of the podcast but….here’s a thought. IF you take on another co-host, emphasize a bit more of the technical Linux stuff regarding amateur radio. I realize this may seem like a shot at Richard but it’s not. It’s just one person’s opinion about content. I like humor, banter, etc. (e.g., LAS, etc.) but yours is the only podcast out there combining Linux and ham radio. It could do with more technical content.

    You can give me the “badger,” if you wish, but it’s just a candid recommendation.

    73 and keep the ‘cast going!


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