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Show Notes #211: The Weekender IV

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Segment 1 (Cheryl's Recipe Corner)

  • Alouette Cheese Copycat Recipe

Segment 2 (Russ's Drink Corner)

  • Ardbeg 10
    • ABV: 46% (92 Proof)
    • Region: Islay
    • Color: Light golden yellow
    • Nose: Smoke, peat, sweet fruit, baker's chocolate, menthol, black pepper, pine tar
    • Taste: Peat, citrus, black pepper, cinnamon, toffee, currant, plantain, coffee, anise, pine tar, spearmint, lavender
    • Cost: $55 (750ml)
    • Rating: 96
Segment 3 (LHS Weekend Challenge)
  • Get on your local VHF/UHF net and do some local ragchewing.
  • Try a new Linux distribution that you're not familiar with.
  • "I Will Sing a Lullabye" by Paul & Storm from the album Do You Like Star Wars?
    • Duration: 4:34
    • Release: 2010
    • Location: Washington, DC
    • Source: http://paulandstorm.com
Segment 4 (Things to do in Amateur Radio This Weekend)
  • Special Event Stations of Interest
    • Back to Back weekends of K2BSA/5. This weekend Chandler, OK - Baden Powel Encampment. Next weekend Irving, TX - Merit Badge College.

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