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LHS Episode #223: HippoPOTAmus

Welcome to Episode 223 of Linux in the Ham Shack. We're excited about Hamvention 2018 in just 24 short days. Please note that we will not be recording on Monday, April 30th. We will be recording with a special guest on Thursday, May 3rd. In this episode, we talk about getting some exercise and playing ham radio on islands, mountaintops and more. We also discuss MumbleRF, Code.gov, ham radio and wi-fi, ffmpeg, changes at Ubuntu, IRLP and much more. Thank you for listening and please donate to our Hamvention 2018 fund if you're able. See you in Xenia!

73 de The LHS Crew

3 comments to LHS Episode #223: HippoPOTAmus

  • Ed Liddle

    You can run echolink on IRLP. Get IRLP working first. Then install echoirlp on it. That will give you the ability to make IRLP or echolink connections. You won’t be able to connect to both IRLP and echolink at the same time.
    Also, if you are wanting to use IRLP in a portable operation, it does require port forwarding in order to work.
    Allstar link will allow outgoing connections but not incoming connections without any port forwarding.


  • Ed Liddle

    Echoirlp on github


  • he program was inspired by KX9X, but built by…

    POTA Administrator – Jason Johnston – W3AAX
    POTA Director/Advisor – Rick Parent – W0ZAP
    Database and Web Admin – Mike Case – W8MSC
    Database and Web Admin – Vance Martin – N3VEM
    Server and Security Admin – Thomas Martin – W8TAM
    Storefront Admin and Public Relations – Julie Martin – K8VOX

    (USA) “K” Regional Coordinators:
    0 – Jim Shorney – NU0C
    1 – Rory McEwen – KB1PLY
    2 – OPEN
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    4 – Bill Deloach – K4WP
    5 – Jarrod Donnell – KG5LKU
    6 – Todd Shelton – N6XDX
    7 – John Calnan – W7JKC
    8 – Mike Lewis – W8ZST
    9 – George Burger – W0PHX