LHS Episode #480: The Great Baofeng Caper

Hello and welcome to Episode #480 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this short-topics episode, the hosts discuss the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, smuggling handy talkies into New Zealand, Route 66 on the Air, some ins and outs of sudo, Organic Maps and much more. Thanks for listening and have a great week.

73 de The LHS Crew

Show Notes #480: The Great Baofeng Caper

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Segment 1 (Lead Topic)

Segment 2 (Amateur Radio)

  • NZ Man Faces Fine for Radiocommunications Act Violation
  • Route 66 On The Air (I know date specific, but whatever) 

Segment 3 (Open Source)

  • Organic Maps: Offline Hike, Bike, Trails and Navigation

Segment 4 (Linux in the Ham Shack)

Segment 5 (Announcements & Feedback)

  • YouTube Comment from Paul Griffith

Segment 6 (New Subscribers, New Supporters & Live Participants)

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LHS Episode #479: Pop!_OS Deep Dive

Hello and welcome to the 479th installment of Linux in the Ham Shack. After the discussion in the last episode where the hosts settled on Pop!_OS as the "best" Linux distribution, they decided to take a hard look at it and figure out what's good, what's usable and what needs improvement. We hope you find this episode enjoyable and if you have some time and free hard disk space, give Pop!_OS a whirl.

73 de The LHS Crew

Show Notes #479: Pop!_OS Deep Dive

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Segment 1 (Deep Dive)

  • Pop!_OS
  • Topic
    • Pop!_OS is an operating system for STEM and creative professionals who use their computer as a tool to discover and create. Unleash your potential on secure, reliable open source software. 
  • Talking Points
    • About Pop!_OS
    • Installation (Full Disk Encryption)
    • Experiences...onos Russ!
    • Pop Shop vs apt
    • Ham Radio Pure Blend
    • Other things

Segment 2 (Announcements & Feedback)

  • The recording of Episode #480 will happen on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. Publishing times will be as normal.

Segment 3 (New Subscribers, New Supporters & Live Participants)

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