LHS Show Notes #001

Although Episode #001 was purely introductory, there are a few things we can include in the show notes section:

  1. Russ <k5tux at blacksparrowmedia dot com> is podcasting from north central Arkansas.
  2. Richard <kb5jbv at blacksparrowmedia dot com> is podcasting from northeast Texas.
  3. We use Skype for IP telephony.
  4. The podcast was recorded and edited using Audacity.
  5. The intro and outro music was composed and recorded by Lonesome Dave.
  6. The podcast will focus on Debian and Ubuntu.
  7. The show will be released every other Tuesday, starting with October 7, 2008.
  8. The feed is available at iTunes. Simply search for "ham shack" in the iTunes Store.

That's all for Episode #001. Tune in next time.

LHS Episode #001

Welcome to the first episode of Linux in the HAM Shack. In this episode, we give you a brief introduction to the podcast, explain who we are and what our backgrounds in Linux and Amateur Radio are. And we give a brief overview of what topics we’ll hope to cover in future episodes.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our opening episode and we look forward to hearing from you, the listener, about anything you’d like to say. We’ll be posting these episodes every two weeks on Tuesday morning. There’s a link to the RSS feed on the left hand navigation of our site, and you’ll be able to subscribe to our feed at iTunes, Feedburner and other popular feed management sites.

Anyway, enough rambling. On to the podcast.

73 de Russ and Richard