LHS Episode #014

Greetings to all of our listeners! Episode #014 is here. Thanks to our fans, the feedback segment has turned into a couple of questions we spend the rest of the episode answering. It's so nice when the topics present themselves with no help from us. Richard and I discuss why a ham radio operator, or anyone for that matter, might want to choose Linux as their preferred operating system. Then we discuss WINE and how it can be used to install and run Windows appliactions under Linux. And then we close with Slow-Scan TV using qsstv, a Linux client, and mmsstv, a Windows client under WINE. Finally we get the word out about our fellow great podcasters and their podcasts.

Thanks as always to everyone for downloading the podcast. Please tell everyone you know about us, and if you have a couple of bucks burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to donate to LHS so we can improve the program. In the next couple of episodes we'll have our first formal interview segment so stay tuned for that.

Episode #013 Audio Problem

This is quick update on the release of Episode #013. Everyone who downloaded the episode early may have noticed that the intro music sounded a little strange. Unfortunately that was not a style choice, it was a mistake in exporting the audio from Audacity without resampling the lead-in audio track. The audio files have been fixed and re-uploaded, so those who download it from here on and those who re-download the episode should hear it the way it's supposed to be.

73 de Russ (K5TUX)