Podcast Date Moved

Hi, all.

I will not be available to record LHS tonight. So we'll do it tomorrow night, as long as Richard is OK with that. Plan on it unless you hear something different. Podcast, tomorrow night, 7/1, 8:00pm CDT. Be there.

73 de Russ

Voicemail and Audio Commentary

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...I set up a voice mail box for Linux in the HAM Shack. At that point, I promptly forgot about it. However, I am going to revive it now. If you'd like to leave a recorded message, comment or question for us, the hosts of Linux in the HAM Shack, you are more than welcome to do it. Assuming it comes out family friendly and remotely relevant, we'll play your audio and respond to your observations on an upcoming edition of the podcast. Simply call +1-888-455-0305 and leave a message. That's all there is to it.

Similarly, if you have a microphone and Audacity or some other way to record your voice, feel free to e-mail us an audio question, comment, segment, promotion or suggestion and we'll be happy to put those on the air in a future episode as well. Every little bit helps and with a little bit of audio input from our listeners we can jazz up the podcast even more. Hope to hear from  you soon.

73 de Russ (K5TUX) and Richard (KB5JBV)

Episode #013 Audio Problem

This is quick update on the release of Episode #013. Everyone who downloaded the episode early may have noticed that the intro music sounded a little strange. Unfortunately that was not a style choice, it was a mistake in exporting the audio from Audacity without resampling the lead-in audio track. The audio files have been fixed and re-uploaded, so those who download it from here on and those who re-download the episode should hear it the way it's supposed to be.

73 de Russ (K5TUX)

Missing OGG Audio

I just noticed that the RSS feed for OGG versions of the podcast did not include the audio file for Episode #012. I just fixed this, so if you're using the RSS for the OGG audio, you may need to update or refresh the feed in order to receive the audio file. Sorry about that.

73 de K5TUX