LHS Show Notes #073




  • IPv6 - The End is Near (of IPv4)
    • Internet Protocol version 6.
    • If you can, start setting up your devices for IPv6 on your devices that support it. All of the current IPv4 address space has been allocated to the Regional Internet registrars (RIRs). IPv6 is the next version of Internet Protocol with a greatly expanded address space.
    • IPv6 is now the default IP stack for Linux. Unfortunately, many Internet service providers (ISPs) are not yet ready for IPv6.
    • There are IPv6 tunneling services that will forward your IPv6 traffic to IPv4 services:
    • If possible, give IPv6 a try. It's inevitable, so if it works for you, you'll be that much further along.
  • HSMM - High Speed Multimedia, also known as "hinternet" (ham + internet)


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LHS Episode #073: Advanced Networking Topics

Today the guys delve deep into their geek pockets and come up with a couple of fairly advanced networking topics. One is ham radio related, the other is everything related. Don't be scared off, however, as the discussion is a 10,000-foot overview of these technologies and how they will be important in YOUR future. Russ tackles IPv6 in a generic way, discussing using it with Linux, and gets on his soapbox about how everyone should already be using it.

Richard discusses a wireless technology called HSMM or High-Speed Multimedia. This is a networking technique that blurs the line between FCC Part 15 and FCC Part 97, but gives ham radio operators some new and exciting things to try with their off the shelf wireless gear. HSMM has some nice features and will definitely earn you your Boy Scout Geek Cred Badge if you decide to dive in.

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