LHS Episode #013

We come to Episode #013 of Linux in the HAM Shack. This one is not for the faint of heart or the triskadecaphobic. Our last couple of episodes have generated a lot of feedback so we spend the first and last segments of the show talking about everyone who sent us comments and answering questions wherever possible. In the middle, we manage to squeeze in some information ham radio and Linux information about getting your radios connecting to your computer for rig control, testing with grig and integrating logging and rig access with fldigi.

We'd like to thank the multitudes we had in the chat room for the live broadcast of Episode #013. It was our best turnout yet with more than 25 participants from all over the world. We'd like to encourage everyone to jump in on the next broadcast, which will be on May 13th at 0100Z. The LHS release schedule is being pushed back a week because I will be out of town at a conference during the first week of May. Thanks again to all our downloaders and everyone who takes the time to send us feedback and questions. There would be no podcast without you.

Note: We had several audio problems attempting to record this episode due to erratic network connectivity. Everything is cleaned up and organized nicely except for one brief audio dropout that could not be recovered. You'll know it when you hear it.

73 de Russ (K5TUX)

2 comments on “LHS Episode #013

  • Thanks for a great episode. It’s always fun listening to you guys. Here is some additional info about grig regarding what you talked about:

    When you set up a desktop shortcut in GNOME, grig doesn’t appear to have an icon, because I haven’t included a .desktop file in the package (will fix that for next version). However, when you set up the shortcut you can choose a radio-like icon that comes with grig, it is located at: /usr/share/pixmaps/grig/ic910.png

    Also, I’m thinking of a way to avoid the command line interface for the next version of grig, something similar to how you start in Ham Radio Deluxe. Oh, secret plans for HRD for Linux??? I want to know more!

    PS: Don’t worry, I don’t speak Texan 😉

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