LHS Episode #015

Linux in the HAM Shack #015 is here! I still believe that I can get these out on a regular basis but lately I find that life is very, very busy. However, I think Episode #015 is worth the little extra wait. We've got lots of feedback from listeners, our first donation (!) and two informative segments.

In the first of our informational segments, Richard describes his installation of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) and gives his thoughts and general appreciation for the system. In the second segment, I ramble on about SSH (secure shell) and all of its various uses, from logging into remote systems to copying files to forwarding X applications to a local machine. I'd say it even turned out pretty coherent thanks to some extensive editing. Just kidding. Maybe.

Enjoy the episode, and don't forget to flood us with that feedback.

3 comments on “LHS Episode #015

  • Kent VE4KEH says:

    Well, it’s about time, gentlemen. I’ve been waiting MONTHS… well, weeks for it.

    Can’t wait to download and listen to it.

    BTW, are you guys using Pulseaudio? I seem to be running into problems trying to use some old favourite programs like IHU and QTEL. Do you know if Jack can run on top of Pulse and if that will help?

    Kent VE4KEH

  • Kent VE4KEH says:

    Re: SSH

    -I think you also need to run Xming on the windows SSH client (in addition to PuTTY).

    -SSH (the client) has a command line switch, -C, to enable compression. I don’t know how effective it is.

    -A few months ago, there was discussion on the LinuxHAM Yahoo group about remote control. Someone claimed that remote desktop was faster than X-11 forwarding. I used vnc and X-11 forwarding back when I was using Puppy, but I don’t recall making any comparisons. Of course, there were fewer display size mapping problems when using X-11 forwarding.

    -Gnome has some nice little tools for accessing SSH servers. One in particular allows you to access the files on a server through Nautilus. I suspect KDE has similar features.

    Later Guys.

    Kent VE4KEH

    PS: I didn’t know about Banshee. Now I can get rid of Rhythmbox, too! Thanks, Richard.

    PPS: I burned a copy of the Crunch Bang live CD. Looks like it would be a nice candidate for a dumpster-grade computer. It ran reasonably fast just from the CD, bet it would scream when installed on the drive.

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