LHS Episode #023: Teen Radio Journey

yaesu_ft-7800rWelcome to Episode #021 of Linux in the HAM Shack. As always, feedback for the program has been abundant and entertaining. We address several listener questions and comments. We also have new features on the web site. Please check them out after listening to the show. Russ will be at the Ohio Linux Fest and Richard and Jerry from The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast will be in Denton at a hamfest there. Check out the podcast for more information on times and locations.

For the main segment of our program we talk with Paul Shirey of Teen Radio Journey, a podcast chronicling the pursuits of a young man from Illinois on a quest to get his ham radio license. It was a lot of fun to talk with Paul and we're glad to have him on the show. As always, send us feedback on the program and leave us voice comments at (888) 455-0305. And if you have a few extra dollars kicking around and you find the podcast useful, why not make a charitable donation to the program? All funds go directly toward improving our show. Thanks for listening!

One comment on “LHS Episode #023: Teen Radio Journey”

  • I really appreciated listening to Paul. I know this is an older session, but I only got my tech this past May and I’m up in the northern Chicago land area as well.

    I too also came from a background of solid Linux (dabbled since 2000, ran FreeBSD from 2005-2006 before switching to Debian Linux). It was a general curiosity and fldigi in the repositories that convinced me to actually try to get my ticket.

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