Thanks for being so Patient

I would like to thanks all of my followers from Resonant Frequency and Linux in the Ham Shack for being so patient over the last couple of months.

In the month of January I came down with the flu. I was only actually sick for about a week but I lost my voice for nearly a month. I was able to record LHS thanks to the editing skills of Russ.

Since the start of this month we have had an emergency surgery concerning my sons girlfriend and a yet to be named grandchild. I lost my mother right after that. Then I had to move my son out of his apartment in a hurry and my other son injured himself due to an altercation with an inmate at work. Add to that the largest snow storm I ever remember in this part of Texas and a power outage of more than 48 hours here. I have been a little busy.

My Fans are important to me. you folks have been with me for a long time and I will get a fresh Episode of RF out ASAP. We will be recording LHS tomorrow night and I will be there.

Thank you for your patience my loyal friends and listeners.

Richard KB5JBV