LHS Episode #042: 1.21 Gigahertz Badgers

Yes, we're running behind AGAIN. It's the story of Linux in the Ham Shack lately. Because of that, this episode turned into an expose on our backlog of feedback. As it turns out, feedback is a good thing. We were able to address several questions and comments from listeners to the show. Hopefully the information we give out as answers to questions will also answer the questions and fulfill the needs of other listeners who are hoping someone will ask their questions for them.  We'd like to encourage everyone to send in feedback and we will address it as soon as we're able. You can send an e-mail to the show, call our hotline at +1-888-455-0305 or +1-417-200-4811, or leave us a comment on the Web site. We encourage all our listeners to tell us what you like, tell us what you don't like, tell KA9WKA he's awesome, ask a question, or just tell us whatever's on your mind. Also, if you happen to have a few extra dollars kicking around, send us a donation to help with our expenses. Keep Linux in the Ham Shack moving into the future and we'll give you proper recognition! And if you buy some of our cool swag, you'll also be helping out the show. Thanks so much for being a part of our world. We love you. It's a big ol' love fest.

73 de The LHS Guys

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  • Scott - N9LJX says:

    Guys – I have been recently listening to your pod-casts and really enjoying them. In fact they inspired me to try and move to Linux in my shack. I tried. I really tried. I had everything I needed from individual pieces parts with the exception on one thing, a decent logging program that will accurately do award keeping , has decent support, and integrates seamlessly with LotW. I also need a good Contest Logger but I am sure I could find one with a little more effort. The only logger I found that comes close to what I need is CQLog. But after importing my log (just over 8000 Qs, so not large by any stretch) it’s award tracking was way off in many areas. Now 8k Qs isn’t a bunch but it is way more than I care to sift through to find errors. I was also having trouble with radio CAT control on my ft-900 (With CQLog not Grig). With these problems I sent a note to both the yahoo group and the website. No response. Nada. Not even a “gee, haven’t seen that before.”

    Compare that to DXLab Suite. I sure do wish DXLabs could be ported to Linux. Anytime I have had a problem the author was right on it that day and worked directly with me to test and resolve the issue. Rock solid award tracking. Rock Solid support. Rock solid EVERYTHING! It is released and supported with modular units. Use what you like and ignore the rest. It integrates with many other pieces of software (Skimmer, DXCluster, DXSpider, MMtty (the author also supports MMtty), FLDigi, HRD for Rig Control, etc) (many integrations were built by users with the support of the author) in the same way that U*nix apps integrate. It is built with the mindset of Use the Best Tool for you. I prefer Dm700 and FLDigi to MMtty so I use bridges to integrate the logging functions with my favorite tool. Sure I could log with FLDigi and then import into DXKeeper but with the bridge it is not necessary.

    Unfortunately because of not being able to find something to compete on my terms with DXLabs I am stuck with Windows in the HamShack. I am willing to make compromises but I am not willing to throw in the towel and not get what I need.

    So guys – what is your suggestion? I really like my Ubuntu install and my workstation at work is 100% Ubuntu even though we are a windows shop. I would love to not have to use Windoze in the shack but until I am presented with a viable alternative I am stuck. Help me out here!

    vy 73,
    Scott N9LJX

    PS – Russ it was great to see you at Dayton! I really enjoyed our brief chat after I found you.

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