LHS Episode #045: Logbook of the World

Episode #043 of Linux in the Ham Shack almost didn't exist. In the process of trying to edit the audio for the program, I managed to delete everything that I had recorded. By some miracle of coincidence, I actually remembered to record the entire episode at Ustream.TV. I almost never remember to do that but it happened this time. The audio was recovered from the live video stream and I put it back together. There are a couple of minor flaws and the quality might not be as good as normal but at least it exists. Since the edited version came out to over 100 minutes, I'd sure have hated to try and record this all over again. And that's why this episode almost didn't exist: Because if the audio had truly gone away, I would have thrown up my hands and said forget it. We'll try again in two weeks.

But since we got lucky, you can now listen to us talk about our newest features and endeavors, our problems with the ARRL, the status of Logbook of the World, listener feedback, live chat room discussion, installing Linux Mint on an ancient laptop, ham radio software for [that other OS] and much, much more. And hey: Go buy a shirt. Please?

73 de The LHS Guys

4 comments on “LHS Episode #045: Logbook of the World

  • In answer to your question MP3 or OGG, I prefer the MP3 version only because I am subscribed to LHS through iTunes. In about three weeks, it won’t matter because I will have converted to Fedora as my full-time desktop. de KG4GIY

  • I have two conflicting thoughts on the MP3 vs. OGG debate. On one hand I think if you are interested in Linux OR Amateur Radio, you are probably a smart person who should find it remarkably easy to convert an ogg file to whatever format you desire. On the other hand, most people use MP3 for convenience. If it’s not easy to get the show you will lose listeners. You can reach more people with MP3 than ogg that’s just the way it is. Even the folks at the “Software Freedom Law Show” have an MP3 feed.

  • Charles KJ4VEB says:

    I would be more than willing to try the *.ogg format, most likely will be be, being that I never heard of it till #43, only comment is a lot of people may not be familiar with it.

  • I agree with Matt, and also have this to add.

    Most portable media players support the MP3 format, and look at OGG as a bastard step child. It wasn’t until I bought an Android phone that I found a portable media player that would support OGG.

    It is a shame that Apple, the biggest player in the portable media game, doesn’t support a format that is superior in sound quality to MP3. The portable media player market is what drives the MP3 format.

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