LHS Episode #050: Ham Radio is Dead

As I was roaming around the Intertubes, I came across an article at AmateurRadio.com written by Jeff, KE9V. I had been an avid listener of Jeff's "Cornbread Road" podcast while he was publishing it as a podcast. The format was different enough to keep me interested. When it went away, I was highly disappointed.

As it turns out, his recent article disappointed me quite a bit as well. I don't want to give much away, but suffice it to say the outlook Jeff paints is fairly bleak. At the same time, some of the points are valid and overall the essay was fairly thought provoking. Because of that, Richard, Bill (KA9WKA) and myself decided to discuss Jeff's recent article. We also have our usual assortment of announcements, banter, gripes and response to feedback. So settle in for an interesting episode. We all had a good time. We hope you do, too.

73 de The LHS Guys (and Bill)

4 comments on “LHS Episode #050: Ham Radio is Dead

  • Internet over EME? I don’t think it is possible. TCP/IP isn’t really made for high latency, the delay would break it. Us hams and DARPA have EME to ourselves for now. NASA is working on something interesting along those lines but it isn’t the internet. http://alturl.com/jxari. I think us hams could have fun with that…

  • No morse code is not dead. Listen on the cw bands sometime. I work 99% cw and still make many contacts almost every night. BTW 30 meters is my favorite band.

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