LHS Episode #057: Fumbling Your Foo Dog

In this very late episode, Linux in the Ham Shack gets back to some basics. For those listeners who haven't been around ham radio that much, we take a look at some of the basic concepts of radio communication. Then, we get all up in arms about how long our...antennas are. Explore with us some of the concepts of antenna modeling, different types of antenna design and what they're good for, and some software that might help you make sense of Smith Charts. As if that isn't enough, we through in some good-natured ribbing, feedback from our listeners and a whole heap of fun. Tune in and let your worries disappear. LHS Top Tip: Don't fumble your foo dog too hard, it might go off prematurely.

73 de The LHS Guys

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  • Russ! Wow! I love the drawing of you on the Ep 55 announcement on your website! How long did you have to hold that grin for while it was drawn? That must have been painful!

    Love ya!

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