LHS Episode #061: I Am Cornholio

One final notice before Hamvention is here. We'd sure like to visit with all of our listeners out in Dayton if you can make it. Hopefully we'll be able to turn a bunch more ham radio enthusiasts onto the benefits of Linux while we're there.

In this episode, your fearless hosts tackle some of the hard questions concerning Open Source, namely: 1) Can anyone in free software agree on a set of standards for documentation and development in order to help newer users join the community, and 2) If it is possible, would anyone want to do it? When we're all done philosophizing, send us your thoughts. We want to know what YOU think.

3 comments on “LHS Episode #061: I Am Cornholio

  • Nice chatting with you at the booth at Hamvention 2011. Hopefully the photo turns out. Thanks again for coming! KD8HWG

  • I have a few photos from Dayton I can send too. Do I send them to Bill?

    And I have a question. I listened to the live stream for episode 60, but I could not find what chat room you use or any links. Can you point me in the right direction?



  • Saw you guys at Dayton Hamvention 2011. Cool website. It’s now in my bookmarks. 73’s N6PAZ

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