LHS Episode #072: We Need Cache

Welcome to another fine and dandy episode of Linux in the Ham Shack. The end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 have been very busy for your stalwart co-hosts, but we press on. Shows are being recorded, content is being disseminated and our listeners are being educated--sort of. We hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the new year and best of luck in all your endeavors, present and future. Oh, and if you find a free moment or two, please tell a friend about LHS. The publicity will do us all good.

73 de The LHS Guys

2 comments on “LHS Episode #072: We Need Cache

  • How are we supposed to make publicity for LHS when we are not allowed to use the LHS logo even for non-profit purposes ??? That does not sound much like open-source to me!!! Do you plan on cashing in on the logo? Heck, I can even not put a graphical cross-link from my site to lhspodcast.info
    Sorry for sounding so harsh, but if this is needed to revise your policy on this, I am happy to do so. Kind 73 de Serge, ON4AA

    • Serge,
      I never said you couldn’t use the logo for cross-promition via the Web, just for the initial purpose you asked about. I don’t mind people using the logo in certain ways, I just request because it’s a copyrighted work that permission be asked first. If you’d like to use it on your Web site to promote us, by all means do! Hope this makes sense. Take care!
      73, Russ

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