LHS Episode #084: GNU Radio

The 84th installment of your most favoritest podcast is now in the wild. As you may have noticed, we make a lot of assumptions about our listeners on this show; for example: You all love us. We have a good show in store for you today, including antennas made from electric fencing, a question about whether GPL software can be profitable, and most importantly a look at software defined radio and the GNU Radio project. Towards the end we address some feedback, solve a technical problem in Italian and try to stage an intervention for one of our more peculiar fans. ALL THIS WEEK on Linux in the Ham Shack!

5 comments on “LHS Episode #084: GNU Radio

  • Did you guys see this? http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL618122BD66C8B3C4&feature=view_all

    It’s a GNURadio tutorial series based on those RTL radios. This is definitely on my ‘to do someday’ pile now! I can’t wait till you guys talk more about it too!

    I’m wondering, if I stuck an NE602 in front of it how it would do on HF.

    Yeah, it’s too bad that it’s receive only. But then most of the benefits of SDR are at the receiver anyway right? When compared to most of the alternatives (except Softrock) though with the $1000 or more you save going with the RTL you should be able to buy or build one heck of a non-SDR transmitter to go with it!

    I think it was Richard (or was it Russ) that said he didn’t want to have to lug around a computer. I agree! I wonder how well a Raspberry Pi could run GNU Radio? http://www.raspberrypi.org/

  • Bruce Given says:

    great episode on GNU RADIO and the RTL-SDR you got a new project, like I need another one…. !!

    First task was to Get GNU-Radio running on Linux Mint , decided to download source and compile on Linux Mint 11, there the adventure starts, firstly the build script that they recommend you use does not work complains about you are not running Ubuntu.

    So I decide to do it using CMAKE and the usual lib’s missing etc… spent quite a few hours hunting down lib’s and have got it to complie with minimal errors still have a issue with port audio

    My question is has anybody got Gnu-Radio to compile on Mint ?

    Looking forward to the future episodes on RTL-SDR

    thanks for any pointers

  • Hey guys;

    I am not sure why John EI7IG would tell you that yfktest does not log for FD. He uses the program himself and I have not heard from him about your concern either. Specifically I just used it for FD. It works FB.

    I am also the current/lead maintenance programmer for yfktest, so your specific problem should be addressed to me. I am MORE than willing to change the program based on user feedback, and have even changed it a few months ago based on YOUR feedback, so please feel free to contact me about the FD problem you are having.

    One thing you should know, and this is the way almost ALL logging programs work; IF you enter something into the fields that is not allowed, for instance a section that does not exist when logging for ARRL-FD, the program will NOT allow you to log that contact !

    Anyways, please feel free to contact me about any problems you are having.

    Vy 73 om de;

    – Bob, w9ya

  • Sorry, I’ll tanslate the ‘geek speak’ for ya… NE602 is a frequency converter. I was just saying I’d like to try using one to receive HF 7 6 Meter on RTLSDR since they don’t normally receive below around 60Mhz.

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