LHS Episode #085: David Rowe on Codec2

Please join us for a special episode of Linux in the Ham Shack. In Episode #085, the hosts interview a vibrant and brilliant engineer from Adelaide, South Australia, named David Rowe. He is the mastermind behind the codec2 open voice codec among several other worthy and equally brilliant open source projects. He dabbles in VoIP, hardware, Open Source advocacy, engineering, voice compression, amateur radio and other endeavors far too numerous to name. David Rowe is definitely one of the more special people occupying our planet and our interview with him is nothing short of amazing. Please tune in and have your mind blown. We look forward to the overspray.

73 de The LHS Guys

2 comments on “LHS Episode #085: David Rowe on Codec2

  • Great show guys !!
    even if I now have to be treated for split personality dis-order 🙂
    keep it up… really looking forward to the RTL-SDR episode awaiting my dongle to show up from Hong Kong

    kindest regards

  • Great episode on codec 2. I also loved the info on Mesh Potato and Village Telco. It sounds a lot like Open-Mesh but with sip as a added bonus.

    I look forward to hearing more about Codec2 and it’s progress as both a ham and an avid asterisk user.

    Thanks again.

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