LHS Episode #091: Messed Up in the Head

Good mushroom, everyone, and welcome to another episode of Linux in the Ham Shack. This time around, we get a little bit ham geeky. That's not a bad thing for those of you who are computer enthusiasts. We all delve into some scientific topics like electro-magnetic radiation, skywave propagation, atmospheric layers and other topics that are sure to tickle a few neurons and axons. We manage to keep everything at a level even non-geek-weenies will be able to understand. Somehwere in the middle, Russ goes on a tirade so you don't want to miss that either. While you're listening, take a moment to click on a link or two, sign up for the mailing list or maybe donate a couple of bucks to the show. We will love you long time if you do. Promise.

73 de The LHS Guys

2 comments on “LHS Episode #091: Messed Up in the Head

  • Jeremy Bakke KD5HQN says:

    Orthanc is not in Mordor, or near Mt. Doom. That tower would be Barad-Dur. Orthanc is in Isengard.

    Great show! I have really enjoyed getting caught up to the current episode. Keep up the great work!!!


  • Speaker in the head unit? I have hated the fact Yaseu didn’t put an external speaker jack in the head unit. I never dreamed it is possible to have a usable speaker in a reasonably sized head unit though.

    You have me curious about those Apple speakers you were talking about. I can barely hear my FT8900 in my Jeep when the body is sitting on the armrest right next to me! Now I want to see these magic fruit filled speakers and see if I can hear them in my Jeep.

    No removable heads? Radio under the dash? Except maybe for a few pickup trucks does anybody make a car with a space under the dash board a radio could fit anymore? I’d love to mount a radio that way but the last car I had with any space under the dash was built in 1984.

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