LHS Episode #096: Worst. Episode. Ever.

Sometimes an episode comes along that defies description. This is one of those times. Richard was exhausted from his job. Russ was exhausted from life in general. Topics were a bit thin. Both hosts found their way into the sauce for the evening. Everything conspired to make Episode #096 one of the worst on record. We're writing this summary in the hopes that you'll look at it, ask yourself, "How bad can it be?" and listen anyway. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, the content is still relevant, informative and even fun. Hm. Maybe this isn't the worst episode after all. You be the judge.

73 de The LHS Guys

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  • Awww but I like my All Terrain tires! Without them why would I have a Jeep? To be fair though I can hear the radio better in my Prizm with normal tires but still not all that well. I guess I need to be on the lookout for somebody who leaves their Mac lying out… Bringing yours to Dayton this year? heh heh heh

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