LHS Episode #097: Sheer Hamshackedness

shack-03Welcome once again to the Wonderful World of Linux in the Ham Shack. As indicated in the title, this episode is full of Sheer Hamshackedness. If you're unsure what that is, we encourage you to pour yourself a nice glass of dark beer or a 100-proof spirit of your choice, put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the pure hedonism that is LHS. And if you believe any of that, we have a large vehicular conveyance over the East River in New York City up for sale as well. Anyway, we talk a little bit about Raspberry Pi computing, APRS, WSPR, Echolink, svxlink, Qtel and a bunch of other stuff in this episode. Hope you enjoy, as always.

73 de The LHS Guys

2 comments on “LHS Episode #097: Sheer Hamshackedness

  • HI;

    I know nothing about short wave.But I was just wondering why

    short wave can not be used as a wireless internet connection to

    an internet service provider. Is there a fundamental problem ?

    Really like your show.

    take care


  • Answered pretty well in #098. If you tried to do it anyway though, I can think of another couple of problems. A broadband signal would be so wide, it might be difficult to make an antenna that is resonant across the whole signal. Then, even if you could, parts of your signal might meet with different propogation characteristics than others because your signal would lie across multiple of the bands we are used to working with.

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