Show Notes @#100


  • Promo: Listen to the Linux Basement Podcast.
  • Happy Birthday, Richard!
  • Yes, folks, it's episode 100 of Linux in the Ham Shack. We're now eligible for syndication! 🙂


  • In celebration of our 100th episode, several of our listeners in the chat room call in and participate in a roundtable discussion. Participants include Harrison (VE2HKW), Brian (K5BPC), and Jon (KT4KB). Unfortunately, noise on Jon's connection prevented him from staying on the line.
  • We received voice messages from listeners Michelle, Joy, Rich (KD0RG), Doug (N6LMX), Nick, Jon, "Major J", and Harrison (VE2HKW).
  • Feedback from Matt (KD8SZG), who asks which would be a better choice for a new HF user: a used IC-7000 or new FT-857D. The consensus is to choose the new FT-857D.
  • Jon, KT4KB, asks how Russ and Richard met.
  • Richard makes a shocking announcement!
  • We have a short discussion of FreeDV vs. D-STAR, followed by a brief discussion of various Linux distributions.
  • Richard makes a few final comments.

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