LHS Episode #102: Run, It’s George Lucas!

darth_sidiousHere we are, two episodes past the Richardocalypse and the calendar hasn't run out yet! This time around, I'd like to thank Rob from MintCast for once again stepping in to be a co-host on the show, filling in the left big toe of the shoes once worn by The Richard himself.  Since I barely fill a pinky toe, myself, that's really saying something. In this episode we go a little ham nutty with Linux thrown in. Topics range from slow-scan television to licensing requirements to Rob asking, "What do I need another damned hobby for??" That question and many others answered in this fabulous installment of Linux in the Ham Shack.

73 de Russ, K5TUX

One comment on “LHS Episode #102: Run, It’s George Lucas!”

  • VHF/UHF/Echolink are great and I haven’t seen his place but I bet Rob could do HF if he really wants to. Instead of looking up ‘no antenna’ tell him to try searching for ‘stealth antenna’. Or… ‘portable antenna’ and just only set it up when using it.

    Then again there’s also mobile. When it comes to HF I only have 10 meter FM in my car. There isn’t a whole lot of FM HF traffic and yet I’ve reached as far as Washington State and Oklahoma from my home in Ohio. Signals were strong and I suspect I would have reached a lot farther by now if I was on SSB even without a bigger antenna.

    I don’t have one of those giant screwdriver antennas on my car either. I have a little quad band antenna which is comparable in size to a CB antenna albeit with more traps on it. It is even easy to unscrew from it’s base so I can replace it with an even smaller, less visible VHF/UHF antenna when I don’t feel like messing with 10M.

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