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LHS Episode #110: GIMP’n

the-gimp-1July has been a bit of a rough month for Linux in the Ham Shack. Pete, our illustrious Canadian cohort, takes an extended break with his family during this time, leaving him little room for podcasting. That is to say, none at all. In the meantime, Russ has been dealing with a series of health problems which has kept him away from the microphone and editing computer. Despite this, Episode #110 is finally done and coming to you now. In this episode, the guys chat a bit about Canada Day and the 4th of July (two holidays now long past for this year). Then there's stuff about Field Day, The GIMP, Manjaro Linux and more. And yes, there IS a winner of the illustrious Beaglebone Black. If you weren't around for the live drawing, now you can find out who won. Thanks for keeping the faith, dear listeners. We'll be back on track soon. Promise.

73 de The LHS Guys

2 comments to LHS Episode #110: GIMP’n

  • ChrisW

    Wow.. just listened to this episode, my first time. I like a good guitar solo as much as the next guy, but an intro that lasts well over a minute??? Maybe I was just impatient to see what this podcast was about, but it seemed a bit long.

  • VXPete_L


    Well, we have listened to your comment & have shortened our intro music. Hope you still will listen. Any comments are welcomed. 73 de Pete, VE2XPL