LHS Episode #114: Steamed Orca Tails

orca2-smThey're coming fast and furious now! After a long period of not having the time or energy to edit episodes, we're finally getting around to pushing out the backlog. In this action-packed installment, your intrepid hosts tackle gaming on Linux using the Steam platform, accessible computing, mention a site listing more than 50 places you can download Free Software and more. We also revisit the products of Sierra Radio Systems and Pignology, and wish Fedora a happy birthday. All THIS WEEK, on Linux in the Ham Shack!

73 de The LHS Guys

One comment on “LHS Episode #114: Steamed Orca Tails”

  • Johnny Kinsey says:

    Sorry for the length of my previous post. This podcast subject is about 2 of my most favorite subjects so I tend to ramble on about them. Anyway I love the podcast as you can tell. While I am a longtime Linux user/hacker/programmer I am new to Amateur Radio and I just love the fact that there is a place where both of these collide.

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