LHS Episode #121: Freudian Linux

freud-cancerIt's the first episode of 2014, and we start the year off right: by talking about philosophy. Say what? Yep, that's right. Trust us, it's a lot more entertaining that it might at first sound. We have a special guest on the program, Ted (WA0EIR), who brings a through-provoking topic with him. Then we have a bunch of the usual suspects, including short topics on Linux, amateur radio, science and more. There is even feedback, info on our Indiegogo campaign for Hamvention and our Raspberry Pi giveaway. Don't miss it!

73 de The LHS Guys

7 comments on “LHS Episode #121: Freudian Linux

  • The BeagleBone Black contains a LOT more GPIO capability than the Raspberry Pi (roughly 8 times as much), as well as more of other kinds of additional I/O. Not having more than a vague idea of how the RPi FM transmitter hack works, I don’t know if it can be done on the BBB or not.

    Basically it depends on whether you want lots of I/O or great graphics support as to which one is more suited to your needs. The RPi also has more flexibility with video and audio outputs out of the box.

  • The RPi exposes one of the BCM2835’s programmable clocks on GPIO4 pins. The BBB needs to connect to an external programmable clock to do the same thing.

  • Hey guys that wasn’t a rant it was just me being normal…when I’m ranting I’m much worse 🙂 LOL!!! Keep up the good work and I’ve sent along a donation. 73

  • While I’m not really experienced with any of them,
    I have the RP, Arduino Mega and Parallax Propeller quick start.
    The Propeller has an 8 core processor and while it isn’t
    op source the company seems supportive of open

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