LHS Episode #122: The Russian Woodpecker

Woodpecker_8328103Hey, folks. It's time for another episode of your favorite podcast about Linux and ham radio! In this episode, your fine feathered co-hosts kind of get their act together, report on news of interest, the new version of Shackbox and a bunch of other open source-y and ham radio-y topics. Hope you're all having a great start to 2014, and we look forward to seeing you at Hamvention this year. Don't forget about our Indiegogo campaign and our Raspberry Pi contest, ending soon!

73 de The LHS Guys

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  • Johnny Kinsey says:

    There is a link on DistroWatch that has the 10 most popular distros and many of the others are based on these most popular distros.

  • Perhaps a good counterargument for “too many Linuxes” is to replace the “Linux” in those arguments with “car”. Why are there so many kinds of cars? Why are there so many different manufacturers? Why all the duplication of effort? The answer becomes obvious: People have different tastes. Some Linuxes are the common Ford Taurus, and others are niche like a Subaru WRX.

    When it comes to which Distro to recommend, I usually act as more of a matchmaker than a booster for my favorite distro. One of my friends has hated Linux for years, but not for want of trying. After going through Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat, and others, she asked me what distro I recommended. I thought about it from her perspective, and asked her what she wanted out of her OS. She’s highly technical and comfortable with the command line. She wants zero GUI coddling, and wants absolute control. I suggested Arch; not a light suggestion in the slightest! Now she uses it on all of her systems. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to ask a few questions rather than just provide a single answer.

  • Mike Robinson says:

    Just listened to this podcast and and the talk about the raspberry pi. while you said that you would not talk much futher about it i just wanted to show you one more option.

    https://www.olimex.com/ they are open source hardware and open source software for there products. SBC and Arduino boards.

    thats if you care for the open source hardware side of the projects.

    Love the podcast keep up the good work

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