LHS Episode #140: The Great Digression

keep-calm-and-digress-oftenHello, listeners! In this fortnight's episode, we discuss emergency communications, Hamvention, paperless FCC licenses, the Rowetel SM1000, ShinySDR, streaming Netflix on Linux and a whole bunch of other stuff. Thank you for listening, and don't forget to donate to our Indiegogo Hamvention campaign if you can.

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  • A couple of corrections: The Kenwood TH-f6a will receive SSB, AM, FM, and even CW, but only transmits FM. Also, Kenwood is a Japanese company, a division of JVCKenwood. They have a R&D facillity for radio in Georgia. There is a SSB capable “HT” in development, Algoram-the HT of the future (http://algoram.com/), based of of Chris Testa whitebox hardware (http://radio.testa.co/). I believe the Algoram hardware will have codec2 built in.

    In addition to Tentec and Elecraft, Flex is based in the US.

  • Are there any updates on CQRTest development? CQRLog is my go-to log for day-to-day use, but I have to resort to Windows apps in Wine for contest logging…

    BTW, welcome to SW MO. I originally got my license while in Branson through the elmering of the White River Valley ARS.

    73–Dan, AF7O

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