LHS Episode #144: Amateur Radio Resources

ham-radio-operateHello, folks! We're happy to say that Pete has rejoined our crew for this episode of the show, and he brings with him some excellent information for all you listeners out there. We take a look at several great video and audio resources for amateur radio adventures this fortnight. On top of that, we give a detailed description of YFKtest in action during a contest, and an overview and introduction to the latest version of the Tucnak logger. Lots more news, reviews and excitement as well. Please enjoy!

73 de The LHS Guys

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  • N4JEK (JohnnyK) says:

    Hey Russ so I have been catching up on your episodes and I have to ask. You have been looking for a contest logger. Now I have never worked a contest before but what is wrong with programs like xlog and fldigi? What are they missing?

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