LHS Episode #150: The Sesquicentennial

150th-birthdayWell, folks, it's hard to put a description on this episode. We talk about our usual range of topics, but there is so much more thrown in that we can't even begin to enumerate it all. One thing that can be said, however, is that this episode was FUN. We hope you enjoy it all the way to the end. Apologies for the first 20 minutes or so of Pete's microphone audio. We promise, it does get better. THANK YOU for being a listener. We do this all for you.

73 de The LHS Guys

3 comments on “LHS Episode #150: The Sesquicentennial

  • Help it’s episode 150 the Movie Review Edition… Oh and all the damn acronyms and allegories, however if it were not for them I would be asleep by now. Just using the brain cells trying to figure out the acronyms is keeping me awake. Well it was a fun episode and why not digress? I think I will digress one day but I digress. What no Cheryl recipe corner this time? Well I hope you keep the Cheryl’s recipe corner when LHS is known as LMT (Linux in the Movie Theater).

  • You know I’m just joking I love this show but maybe you can do some stuff on Amateur radio and add a little Linux to it? I think you would have an awesome show if you did that but I have never done a podcast so I really don’t know and I’m just thinking about what I like. I know it’s boring but hey I enjoy Linux and Amateur Radio and to have my 2 favorite hobbies in one show well that’s awesome.

  • Quick review of using YFKTest in the IARU contest. I fired YFKTest up, along with my club’s IC-746 (still on hand from Field Day) and it worked pretty good…once I gave up on trying to do rig control. Tried several different baud rates, but the software would lock up if I changed the frequency very fast at all. Finally gave up, renamed the rig control file, and then told the software that I didn’t have a rig attached. After that, it was rock solid, and I was more than capable of manually noting band changes. I’m a long-time user of the N3FJP software on Windows, and while this isn’t quite in that category, it did everything I needed in the couple of hours that I played in the contest, rig control excepted.

    Keep up the good shows, and we’ll catch you down the log.
    Dan, af7o

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