LHS Episode #163: Let’s Get Astrophysical

2-black-holes-gravitational-wavesHello, listeners! Another universe-shattering episode of Linux in the Ham Shack is upon you. During this little slice of now, your hosts discuss the safety of wireless networking, colliding black holes, a popular Linux distro site being hacked, a tablet Linux OS, browser-based logging applications, ChromeOS on the Raspberry Pi and much more. Time is running out! Please donate to our Generosity campaign. We want you to see us at Hamvention this year. Thank you!

73 de The LHS Crew

3 comments on “LHS Episode #163: Let’s Get Astrophysical

  • Jeremy Bakke says:

    I don’t see the Green Country Hamfest on your calendar of events, ar you going to have anyone there? Come on Russ, surly you can make it from your little corner of Southwest Missouri down to Claremore for an awesome Hamfest!!!

  • I know I am a bit late in posting this. I have just been so busy as of late that I have not been able to listen to you folks for a while. I go away and now you have a completely different co-host. Welcome Rich to the show and I must say I have enjoyed listening to you. I think you will make a pretty good co-host if you can handle it. Russ must be a real task master because he can’t seem to hold on to co-hosts very long. hahaha Just kidding.
    Say Rich do you have a rig (amateur radio) in your big rig? If so maybe you could talk about it and post some pictures of it. Well I loved the show and I can’t wait for the next one. to comment on some of these topics this week I would say if you are sensitive to RF move to so called RF dead-zones or wear chain mail and/or a suit of armor. Sad state of affairs for both Sourceforge and Linux Mint. To be a tablet or not to be a tablet that is what all phones and laptops say. Tablets are interesting but I think people want them to be like laptops that fit in your pocket but manufactures just don’t get it. Anyway good luck to Ubuntu most tablets have not done so well on the market even Apple’s iPad. Now I just don’t understand why anyone would want to use Windows. Do like the Russians and dump windows while you can. I have heard that Microsoft is doing forced upgrades to Windows 10. If you can imagine working away and the auto update pops up and tells you that it going to patch your PC. You think nothing about it and let it do it’s thing. It then says it has to reboot to complete the updates so you let it reboot. You go get coffee or take a break while your machine is rebooting and “applying the patches” you get back to find that you now have to login to Windows 10 but when you left them machine you had Windows 7. This is crazy but that is exactly what is happening http://www.computerworld.com/article/3030564/microsoft-windows/microsoft-uses-the-force-you-will-upgrade-to-windows-10.html
    So I don’t mean to rant but I too was so surprised a few years ago when I got my Ham lic. to find out that most software for Ham’s are Windows based and not opensourced for us Ham’s that like to tinker. So I have made it my mission to hunt down software that is OpenSource for ham’s to use and it is because of this and a few other podcasts and blogs that I can now do everything that Windows Ham’s can do but using either Linux or FreeBSD. I plan to start building tutorials for these apps and sharing them. Anyway I am going to cut this post short since it is already too long to read on air but I want to thank you guys for all your hard work.

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