LHS Episode #167: Manky Git

manky_scots_gitGreetings and salutations. We have another fantastic episode of Linux in the Ham Shack for you this fortnight. In it, the hosts discuss World Amateur Radio Day, UFOs, the Mumblehard botnet, programming, Git, pulseaudio, QSSTV and so...much...MORE. Thanks for tuning in; and please don't forget our Generosity Campaign. Donate if you can. We'd love to see everyone in Dayton this year.

73 de The LHS Crew

P.S. Sorry, we had some audio jitter in the recording this time around. Hopefully the episode is still listenable. We'll get it straightened out for the next one.

2 comments on “LHS Episode #167: Manky Git

  • New subscriber (3 months); enjoy the show!

    Receive the show via the MP3 rss feed:

    the podcast only updates every 2 weeks, then dumps two episodes at once.

    At first I thought this was a new subscription fluke, but nope, it’s an ongoing issue. I have somewhere north of 80 podcasts subscriptions managed by gPodder (my current podcatcher of choice) & LHS is the only show exhibiting this problem.

    Perhaps this is how you intend to distribute the show, but then again maybe not.

    Again, much enjoy the show. Especially the recipes.

    73, good dx, max headroom, and extra cheese,


    • Hi,

      The show is released based on my availability to edit it. Sometimes I manage to get it done on time, sometimes I get backlogged and have to do two shows at once, which is why they show up two at a time. It’s not your RSS feed reader, it’s all on me. Thanks for listening!

      73, Russ – K5TUX

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