LHS Episode #173: Chips and SOTA

peruvian_potatoesLinux in the Ham Shack is back with another riveting episode all about open-source software, ham radio and fun. Topics for this fortnight include the closing of a large online ham radio equipment retailer, a new call sign database (yes, another one), SOTA, Solus, a bit of depth on the Hamradio Pure Blend and much more. Thank you as always for tuning in--and don't forget to check out another great ham radio podcast that always gives us the time of day, HamRadio 360.

73 de The LHS Crew

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  • Springfield style cashew chicken FTW! My xyl is from Seattle, but she got hooked on SSCC while in SWMO for college. We found recipes online, and have it several times a year. de af7o

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