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LHS Episode #185: Second. Worst. Episode. Ever.

In the latest episode of Linux in the Ham Shack, which is in fact better than the title would suggest, we tackle a bunch of different and interesting topics. There's information on driving while hamming, openness at the FCC, Belarussian nanosats, open-source documentation, Firefox returning to Debian, Chinese Linux distributions, things Linux doesn't have that it should, CW clocks and more. Thank you for listening and please donate and share our Hamvention 2017 funding campaign. Thank you!

73 de The LHS Crew

1 comment to LHS Episode #185: Second. Worst. Episode. Ever.

  • Hey, I’m a longtime podcast listener and just discovered your podcast 4 episodes ago. You are now on the permanent subscribed list. I can’t give you a better compliment than that. Not many make it to the permanent list!!! I want you to go to Hamvention so I’m heading to the donate page next. Btw, the opening music sounds awesome at 1.5x speed. Thank for the time and knowledge you put into the podcasts. 73… Scott N0HOT