LHS Episode #203: Choosing Your Linux Distribution

In Episode #203 of Linux in the Ham Shack, your hosts take a deep dive into the factors you should consider when choosing a Linux distribution that suits you. These are tips you can use when your computer will be used for personal use, ham shack use, office use or any other type of computing. Thank you for listening!

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2 comments on “LHS Episode #203: Choosing Your Linux Distribution

  • Yes much of what I posted was tongue & cheek in response to the BSD episode. However I do use TrueOS in my ham shack but I am not opposed to using Linux and was a Slackware user for many many years. Matter of fact my first ham shack computer was Slackware just because I knew it well enough to make it work and I could play with the ham radio software in a very controlled environment to learn those softwares. Then PCBSD (know TrueOS) finally did some maturing and could support my hardware without having to compile drivers. So that is the direction I went. With all that said I am still going to build a second Linux box just to help fellow hams in my area get off of the proprietary junk. While most things are very similar between BSD and Linux there are differences (aka serial port names, lack of AX.25 on BSD, and other small differences). Anyway my previous post was just joking. Shoot I think LHS is wonderful and look forward to listening to each and every episode. Your the best Amateur Radio podcast and Linux podcast out there. Let me put it to you another way. I donate to LHS. I don’t donate to the other Amateur Radio and Linux podcasts. Anyway keep up the wonderful work and 73 from N4JEK

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