LHS Episode #232: The Weekender XI

It's the weekend and here comes the Weekender! In the eleventh installment, the hosts discuss upcoming open source conferences, amateur radio special events and contests, wine, whiskey, food and song. It's a perfect recipe (see what we did there?) for a great time in the next fortnight. Thanks for listening!

73 de The LHS Crew

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  • If I right-click the LHS Episode #232 (MP3) Download link and select Save Link As… Firefox pops up with: The download cannot be saved because an unknown error occurred. If I just click the Download link, a player pops up in a new tab and the episode plays, but there’s still no way to download the .mp3 file. I get the same problem if I right-click the LHS Episode #232 (OGG) Download link. If I open the LHS MP3 RSS Feed page and right-click the LHS Episode .mp3 link then select Save Link As… I can save the file to my drive just fine. My Firefox is a plain-vanilla mainstream 64-bit version running in Windows 10 Home. I have no add-ons that would interfere with saving a .mp3 file to disk and have no problems like this on other sites. Suggestions? David WB4ONA

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